Tapestry is a smartphone and tablet app that brings you closer to your child’s development at preschool. You will be able to see a timeline of your child’s day including photos, videos and notes. We want to make sure we work with you to enhance your child’s development so, as well as being able to see what they are getting up to while in our care, you can get involved and contribute your own photos and notes from home to show the fun things your child gets up to outside of preschool.

Together we can provide the very best experience throughout your child’s early years. For your child, sharing the photos and videos that you have added to Tapestry with the preschool staff and their friends, is a great talking tool and a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know more about your child’s interests and provide learning opportunities tailored to those. Tapestry is why you will see our staff using tablets in the preschool as they record learning observations in a fraction of the time that it has taken historically. This means we will have so much more time to play, teach and care for the children, instead of spending time on paperwork.

Puffin preschool is run professionally and to the highest standard, and this is represented in our policies, procedures and good practice. Our policies form part of the Coastal Together Federation family. A full set of policies and procedures is available on the school website and in the setting should you wish to browse through them.

'together aspire, together achieve,
together we are stronger...'